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Hi elliptigoroy,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I'm assuming you are using Affinity Photo, let me know if that's not the case.
Pick the Selection Brush Tool (or other adequate section tool) and select the object you want to keep in colour. Click the adjustments button on the bottom of the Layers panel and select Black and White. Press ⌘ (cmd) + D (or go to menu Select ▸ Deselect) to deselect the selection then go to menu Layer ▸ Invert to invert the adjustment's mask leaving just the element you selected initially with colour.

Another way to paint directly with colour over the grayscale image without making any selection: click the adjustments button on the bottom of the Layers panel and select Black and White, then with the Adjustment layer still selected in the Layers panel pick the Paint Brush Tool (adjust the size and hardness as required), set its colour to black and paint the image on canvas where you want the colour to appear. What's happening here is the Black and White adjustment was applied to the whole image equally - painting with black in the built-in mask of the adjustment will hide/conceal its effect over the image on that area showing the colour of the original image.

In both cases you can double-click the Black and White adjustment in the Layers panel to adjust/tweak the conversion of the image to black and white using the sliders to affect specific colours.

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