I thought I would include my thoughts on my new laptop/tablet thing. I've been using it for a while now. It is an Acer Spin 5. Has an i5 8th generation processor, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GM SSD drive. It also came with a Acer Stylus Pencil, a bit like the Apple pencil I guess. It is comparable to the Microsoft Surface but a lot faster than the basic Surface and is not restricted to buying software from the MS store. All I have loaded so far is AV software, Photo and Designer using my existing license (thanks Serif ). I bought it because compared to an iPad, Pro with Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard, it is half the price (£600 UK sterling) and IMHO twice as good. However, that does depend on what you want it for.  If you are into sketching, I suspect the iPad pencil is a better fit for you. I only have an Air 2 without a pencil but I think the pen's tilt function may be a decider although pressure with the Acer Stylus works fine with Affinity apps. Much better at editing photos in Photo. Much better ! You could add a graphic tablet I suppose. It is also going to be a bit heavier and thicker, although the screen size is similar. The screen resolution is HD so less than the iPad although it can be connected to a calibration device like the Spyder. What's more, connect it to any external monitor with the HDMI port and that makes a desktop PC (sort of). Really good on my 27" Acer monitor although the 13" screen is pretty good. Still, size matters sometimes. Where it really scores is usability and function. Pros Runs the full version of Affinity Software (and it's pretty fast), the 7th gen i5 quite reasonable compared to my 7th gen i7. No more black unreadable Affinity iPad interface. The full version of Affinity, no cut down iPad version. Has a decent keyboard (less numbers pad) or connect a full external keyboard. Easy to connect a proper mouse (or use the stylus or even a finger). A normal sensible filing system (not the stupid iPad restricted, cloud dominated thing).  Plus can connect any USB external storage and access any part of the OS filing system.  Very long battery life. Because it is a pretty powerful machine, it can be converted into a desktop type solution, attached to a big monitor, a keyboard and a mouse (maybe a graphics tablet too) or flip the screen and use it like an iPad. It works in both portrait or landscape, like the iPad. You can't rotate the canvas though. Cons Sketching is not as good as the Apple pencil. Heavier One noticeable drawback Modifiers. Because it is not supported, there are no Shift, Alt or Control modifiers when using in tablet mode with the on-screen keyboard. You can use it in tablet mode with the mouse though, so I might investigate a multi function mouse, although there are also mini keyboards. A cool feature. Keyboard. In tablet mode, you can have a normal on screen keyboard, a split keyboard (half on the left, half on the right) or a handwriting recognition panel. It even recognised my handwriting. What a hero, even I have trouble recognising my handwriting sometimes