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Nat McKinstry

How to smooth vector lines in edited photo images?

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Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I've spent the last few hours trying to find a solution including on here, with no success!

I've successfully edited my .svg file to remove the background, and I'm now happy with it. The only problem I can forsee is that the vector lines are still visible and I'm worried about how the image might print. How on earth do I blend the edges so the resulting photo looks smooth? It's especially visible in the top prong of the plug. I've tried blur tools with no success. Is there any way of doing this?

Thank you in advance, sorry if it's a simple (stupid) question, I just can't work it out and now my head hurts!

uk plug no background.afdesign

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Hi Nat McKinstry,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
One thing you can try is to select all objects (drag a marquee around all with the Move Tool) then click the cog icon on the top of the Layers panel, click the Coverage Map button and adjust the graph curve as shown in the screen capture below. I'm not sure how the image might print but I believe the "lines" (the white is actually the background colour bleeding through the edges of the shapes) will not be visible.


For a relatively simple image like this you may also want to consider tracing it from scratch manually depending on the intended use/if you need a clean version.

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