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Substracting don't works as expected

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Hi guys,

what I want to do is pretty basic. I am currently transitioning from CS6 to affinity and love it so far, but one little thing got me today. I want to substract two vektor objects and expect it to work like I am used from Illustrator oder InDesign for example. I want this form after I substract the two forms below:


But I get this:


What am I missing? The font is converted to curves, the circvle with the "v" is one object, no masks, no white v on a blue circle. Just two forms that I want to substract like I do in Illustrator or InDesign with basically the same function.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Gigiga,

Since you have converted the font to curves, the characters are grouped together and the Boolean operation gives this incorrect result. Ungroup the characters before subtracting and you will get the desired effect.

As @toltec did, you do not need to convert the font to curves.

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After your description I tried even less steps. v and text at the desired position on the circle, no converting to curves, choose all three objects and subtract. Boom, done!
Never thought this way would be an option as I am used to the very complicated way Adobe products need for this. BTW awesome that I don't have to convert fonts to curves anymore


Since I don't need to convert fonts to curve anymore, thanks for the heads up, but I guess I'll never convert fonts again :D

So glad to use affinity apps more and more, everything is so easy and modern in a way you would expect from Adobe but don't get it from them.

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