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PDF import colours

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With the 120 page document I have imported, I have (unfortunately) just noticed that the import colours have gone wrong. I use two main CMYK colours: 0/0/0/k100 and 68/00/100/03 and in the import document, some of the black has remained correct, but often it has been replaced with something much more complex such as 71/67/60/80 and the other (green colour) has many different interpretations. 

Also, not entirely a bug, but when I cut text from a cmyk PP document and paste into publisher, it arrives as rgb colours.

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Hi magicdesign__

We may need the original file you imported for this, there are a wide variety of things that could contribute to this so its difficult to tell without being able to see. Also I'm guessing that you are directly opening the PDF instead of placing into a document


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Hi Chris,

Sorry, I have been travelling.

Can you let me know the best settings to export from page plus in PDF for colour (and everything else) compatibility?

And yes - I was opening the PDF rather than placing as image.

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When exporting to PDF, how do I turn off color conversion?
I have on one page photos in CMYK and Grayscale format. Publisher separates gray photos in CMYK.
How to avoid it?








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