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Textured brush strokes becoming glitchy at the end

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So I was recently trying to make a design for a project that needed intricate details, so I decided to make those details I'd make a brush. I designed it quickly and then exported the file with just the selection and transparency exported, and then when I created the brush I set which points were the head and tail of the brush, and tried to set out to work - except I noticed when I drew with the brush that at the tail end, the stroke was split at the horizontal mid-point and moved forward a noticeable amount. I thought it was an issue with how I exported it, so I tried several more times to fix it with a new brush and each led to the same outcome. I thought maybe it was an issue with the design, so I tried using a banner brush I had made before, and also the preset brushes. They all had the same issue. I questioned if it was possibly my graphics card affecting the rendering, so tried using my internal GPU. Didn't work.

I've tried several different ideas and have run out of potential reasons for it not working, so I thought I'd post here to see if other people had the same issue, knew of a fix and also to ensure that Serif are aware of it too.

I've attached a path I made below and this is how it exported, so it isn't just how I'm viewing the stroke.


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I also stumbled over this bug since vector brushes are the one feature that I use by far the most. It's a bit weird to reproduce, but at least I found somewhat of a workaround:

The bug only occurs if you are using round or square caps on curves. Switching to Butt Caps eliminates the issue, as does using straight lines with more than one segment.

What I can tell you so far is:

- It occurs at the end of a stroke. In the view in the Brushes window it's the right end.
- It's mostly visible in the "right" half of the end (in the Brushes window that's the bottom half) where the texture seems to get an offset that pushes it too far away from the end of the stroke.
- The effect depends on the resolution the brush is displayed at. If you zoom in it gets better, if you zoom out it gets worse. It's as if a position in the viewport was rounded in the wrong direction, so that the graphic is shifted by a fixed screen distance.
- The effect is stronger the longer the brush stroke is.

- The effect vanishes on strokes with an angle of more than 90 degrees when the corners are set to Overlap and the last part of the stroke is completely straight. As soon as it is bent it reappears fully.
- As mentioned above it only appears on square or round caps, not on butt caps.

- The other half of the end is stretched. It doesn't have the faulty offset, so it's not clear whether that's a bug. If you create a stroke with three points (so you get two straight segments and no curvature), set it to overlap corners and then move the beginning of the stroke so that the angle varies between slightly more and slightly less than 90 degrees you can see that both ends change. The right end gets the faulty offset while the other end is stretched more than it should in order to fit the scaling of the middle part of the stroke.


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