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Exported LUTs issue

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I exported a LUT from affinity photo and imported it un Luma Fusion, problem is they don’t look the same at all.

Seems like the problem comes from Affintiy since i have the same problem in DaVinci Resolve.

Any idea?



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12 hours ago, Ariasmusic said:

Ok thank you very much. Hope it will be fixed soon.


Given this was reported as long ago as 2017 I doubt a “quick” fix is on the horizon. :D

A 'workaround that was reported is as follows:

Export your Lut (some values will be reversed -bug). Import your LUT and then Export the imported LUT. The values will again be reversed, only this time they should be where they are meant to be. I.e two negatives make a positive.

Haven't tried this but it should work.

IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 12 .0.1 Affinity Photo Affinity Design

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