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How to modify without duplicate in "Photos"

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New on Affinity Photo I would like to modify some pictures of my "Photos"  database and save it in the database without duplicate it. If an "Affinity Photo extension" in Photos was implemented it would be perfect but it does not exist. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Teddylours,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
In Apple Photos go to menu Image ▸ Edit With and select Affinity Photo to send the image to Affinity for editing. After you made the changes, save it a close the document in Affinity to send the edited image back to Apple Photos.

There also Affinity extensions you can use inside Apple Photos. One of them sends the image to Affinity Photo for editing (called Edit in Affinity Photo), the others work inside Apple Photos (Affinity Develop, Affinity Retouch etc..). To access them double-click a thumbnail inside Apple Photo to see the image individually, click the Edit button on the top right of the interface, click the button with an ellipsis inside a circle and select the extension you want from the menu there.

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Thanks a lot MEB but I am in the iPad Suggestions for Affinity Photos forum. I think that you are speaking about Affinity Photos desktop for Mac. I works on iPad and want to find a solution with Affinity for iPad. But perhaps I missed something ...

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