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Mutiple layer export with same background.

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Hi. Is the any way I can export multiple layers as separate PNG but all with the same background which is on separate layer?

I have 70 playing cards and one background. I want to export them in one go to separate files using that one background all the time.

How to do this?

So far I was copying (Ctrl+Shift+C) each layer with background and pasted it to another file then export all layers with export persona but it is so much time consuming. 

BTW: macro recorder is not able to record Ctrl+Shift+C but Ctrl+V in not a problem. Why is that?

Will be great if I can lock one layer in export persona to export it as background for each slice.

Any ideas how to do it easy?


My setup:

Affinity Photo +Win10 64bit + Ryzen 7 1700X

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Hi Ka21K,

Welcome to the forums :)

You should be able to use a Macro for this the recorder does record both copy and paste but at the moment only paste shows in the steps window. 



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