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Image names in Resource Manager

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Hi - I appreciate there is still a bug where image files (or at least their bulky data) stay embedded after out-linking in Resource Manager (see other posts), but in addition, file names seem incorrect.


  1. I made a photo album with 20 or so images across 15 pages. All initially embedded (by policy, which it asked me for). File size 35-odd MB. Image names "image10.jpg" etc.
  2. Decided to make all images Linked using Resource Manager per the Tutorial video (did not know about the bug at that time).
  3. New set of images exported "image10_1" etc. I'd not expected that; thought it would strike back to the original source images, but it's probably logical as the original may have no longer been available, depending on workflow.
  4. But I note that in Resource Manager, the new images are missing the underscore character so read "image101" etc., even though the bandolier below the list shows the correct underscored name for the selected list entry.

Looking forward to linking being fixed!

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