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Layer effects only partly updated between layers

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I added a new layer, and wanted to apply similar Layer Effects to an earlier one. I opened the earlier fx page, checked the settings, and then selected the new layer (in layer manager).  SOME of the fx settings changed to represent the new selection, but others did not. It's quite bewildering to work with.  I can't find any other similar posts.

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Hi Keith.M

The layer effects should reflect whatever is applied to the layer you have selected even if you have not applied anything at all. Can you provide some screenshots of what you are seeing and what it is you are expecting to see?


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Hi Chris,

I am expecting to see exactly what you describe. I have made a new, simple file, and testing on that shows that when I change between layers by clicking directly on the "fx" in the layer bar, then everything works.  If I change by clicking elsewhere in the layer bar, then some things change, but not the highlight and shadow sections, so the resulting page is a hybrid of the settings for the previous and current pages.  The first two screenshots show the result of clicking on "fx" for each layer.  The third shows the result of clicking elsewhere in the layer bar.  Thanks for your response. 





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