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Import PDF rendering error

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I am using Designer ver. 1.6.1 and is more than one time that I have problems to open AI/PDF file received, especially in fill gradient.

Attached is the AI file received and the AD saved.

Is a bug of the current version?


Sergio Molino

PFD error.zip

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Hi smg :)

Thanks for your report and files.

It certainly does seem as though we aren't importing this file correctly, as you receive slightly different results when using File>Open over drag&drop. This appears to be a bug with your specific file, as gradients from AI should be supported. I've opened your AI file and saved it as a .PSD, which has imported into AD correctly.
I've attached this below as a workaround for now, I'll inform our developers of the issue and provide your files as evidence.

profile engraving.psd

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