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Saving favorite adjustments' group & maintaining adjustments pane on

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Can you please tell me:

1. Is there a way to save the adjustments' group (right encircled area in screenshot) that I have made with my favorite adjustments so that every time I open AP this group will always be there and ready for me to tweak?

2. I have noticed that the adjustments' list pane (left encircled area in screenshot) that I have activated via View->Studio will disappear every time I close the AP app using the red X button on the app window (top left for Macs). This means that every time I open the app again it will be missing and I'll have to reactivate it. (If, however, I quit via the toolbar menu - Affinity Photo->Quit - then this adjustments' pane will not disappear. Is there a way to save this setting so that, no matter how I close the app, the adjustments' pane will ALWAYS remain in its place?

Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 16.30.00.png

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1 hour ago, v_kyr said:

ok seems kind of irrelevant to my 1st question (I dont want to add a preset - i want to have a LIST of all the adjustment CONTROLS that I have selected to be on standby) - but i guess that you're trying to say that "I can't"? As for my 2nd question?

So 1. I want the control buttons on the adjustment group I have made (right encircled area) to ALWAYS be there whenever I open the app, and 2. I want the adjustments' pane (left encircled area) to never disappear no matter how i shut AP down. Essentially, I'd like my AP app to always look like it does in the screenshot whenever I open it. Is that possible?





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Jip, AFAIK you can't setup those to be always as default available in such a repetetive usage way.

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