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Sorry if this has been mentioned before but can't find it if it has.

Is there or can there be the ability to import video files into Affinity in order to separate the frames for individual working. Photoshop has had this function and is very handy.

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

This has been requested on an off but as there are over 700 posts containing "video" it is not surprising that you could not identify if it already existed. I think this feature request is more appropriate to Affinity Photo so I have moved your post to that sub-forum.

It is not something we are working on, but thanks for the suggestion.

Cheers from another PJC

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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(and me thinking at first PJC was some sort of soccer club or small British town.... lol)

When I've had to extract frames from a vid, almost always have used Virtualdub (free, windows only, maybe non updated since 2013, pretty functional, tho. I used it heavily at some companies which were against purchasing video editing software, years ago), any professional video editor, or the very high end command utility ffmpeg (win/mac/linux). It takes a bit of reading its documentation, but it is really worth it for the level of control provided. Some fast tuts here for using these apps, but again, I'd advice mostly those 2 rather than the other solutions ( which I'd never ever recommend for that, btw, but maybe those were added for people willing to have it dumb easy. In the end, the easy and limited becomes hard...If anything....maybe VLC...). 

FFMPEG (main recommendation. Mac, Windows and Linux. Console only (but works GREAT).  There are some GUI frontends available, tho. I recommend trying the console pure version, tho. It tends to always be more flexible and powerful)



Virtualdub (GUI based. Windows only. No more new versions. Extremely useful, specially for extracting frames. You might need certain (also free) plugin to extract from movs, mp4, etc. Was mainly an avi focused tool. The article author is not lying, it is fast extracting frames (till what I can remember years ago), but IMO ffmpeg is way faster, besides giving a crazy level of control)


PD : Of course, these for mostly processing video files, extracting, chopping and joining (there virtualdub is particularly useful), converting, etc. For more full video editing, Davinci Resolve seems to be the big hit for this.

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo licenses, Windows 7, i7  860 (2009) 2.8 GHz,  8 GB RAM, GTX 1050 2 GB, HD 7200 RPM.  Wacom Intuos 4 XL.

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