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color picker gamut warning / working with proofs

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I'm soft proofing an image which consist of a two color gradient, the soft proof tool is greying out a large potion of my image because the color cannot be printed with the ICC proof I have selected.

To simply select a printable color in Photoshop I could select the GAMUT WARNING option and the color picker would only only the printable portion of colors. 

How do I do this in Affinity Photo? is there a similar option?

Attached is a screenshot of how I would like the color picker panel to look, letting me only select printable color for this particular ICC proof...

Thank you

Capture d’écran 2018-10-29 à 14.33.40.png

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Hi @dsantacroce,

Welcome to the forums. 

With Affinity, you can only Gamut Check it, and not colour pick from within that specific ICC. 


The colour picker will always show the full gamut, regardless of the Softproof settings. 



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Thank you Gabe, 

I've been using the Gamut Check in the Softproof panel, although picking colors becomes really trial and error without a visual feedback in the color picker panel.

Is there any other way to have a list of valid colors for a particular icc profile?



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