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Delete Shortcut disappears

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In previous version of AD, I still see "Delete" key customization in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. But now I don't

Setting the [ ` ] key (beside the [ 1 ] key) to delete objects or nodes is my favorite way to delete things, I feel comfortable with it, better than default Delete key because I don't have to move my hand around the keyboard, time saver!

I saved keyboard shortcut file on previous version long time ago and import it into current version of AD. My customized delete key still works but there is no sign of it in Keyboard Shortcuts setting. When I press [ ` ] in a random shortcut slot, it shows me key conflict


That means somehow Delete shortcut key is still available to be customized.

In fact, I need this in AP too, but I found the same problem too, no Delete shortcut customization in Keyboard shortcuts settings

Is this a bug or developer hided this option purposely ? Please fix or explain, thanks ! :)

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Hi tipforeveryone,

The Delete shortcut was removed as it is a defined key on a Windows keyboard where as some Mac keyboards don't have a delete key. The shortcut was added for Mac and must of accidentally been added to the Windows version then removed at a later date.



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Thanks for information.

Then is that anyway for me to set this manually, I tried to open the exported keyboard shortcuts file by Notepad++ but nouse, there are a bunch of weird characters.

I need that shortcut for delete things because it is my favorite and the easiest, please help!

I have an idea, can I send my exported one which I mentioned in the first post, as you can import it into Mac version of AD, modify the delete shortcut to ~ key and save then send back to me ?

will it works ?

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