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Bugs & Missing Loupe in Affinity Photo Extensions for Apple Photos OS X

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Does anyone know of any issues being reported when using Affinity Photo's Extensions within Apple Photos?   

I've just started to use Affinity within Photos for quick edits, and have found a couple of issues that make it unreliable:

  1. Affinity Retouch:  Loupe slider controls do not appear immediately and start as a purple drop down box. the sliders ultimately appear but disappear most times. The Loupe often does not appear and instead the mouse pointer remains, (functioning as the selected tool, i.e. dodge or burn). The Loupe can be forced to appear by zooming in and out, but often disappears as soon as the mouse is moved to click on a spot.
  2. Affinity Develop: Intermittently opens with a black screen displaying the Affinity logo, and will not display the current photo.



Computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), 16GB RAM, Solid state drive.

OS: macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

Photos: Version 3.0 (3291.13.210)

Affinity: Ver 1.6.7

No Other Apps running.

MacBook passes all tests. No other known issues with the MacBook


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Hi emailmeinfo,

Welcome to the forums :)

Thank you for this report, I've replicated the issues with the slider controls and I'll log this with our developers.

In terms of opening to a black screen, I can't replicate this currently but I'm running Mojave and this may have fixed this issue, but I'll include this is the aforementioned log for our developers to look into further!


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