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I wonder if Publisher will show "Includes Appearance" like Indesign?

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See the example of the Indesign...this is what I am wondering if Publisher (or other Affinity apps) has that. 


The reason was that I had been creating some of artworks from other programs, like Clip Studio Paint, then upload them to Affinity Photo to line them up and save them as PDF.  After I sent it to the printer as of last weekend, my friend (and also my boss) called me today to complain that the colors are looking weird, and I can't figure out why and what went wrong.  The printer suggested I turn on "Includes Appearances"  that will keep the colors intact. He said it shouldn't matter which software I used as long as I can turn on "Includes Appearance."  There is one problem...I don't have Indesign.   I downloaded Publisher to see if it is possible to keep colors intact, but I can't find a way to do so, and I don't know how to ensure the colors would be correct and intact just like how I colored them from other programs.   Hopefully there is a way for Publisher and other Affinity apps to keep the colors intact so I don't get my head bitten off by my boss.  ^^;  




example for publisher_LI.jpg

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That printer of yours has fed you complete rubbish: the "Include Appearance" has nothing to do whatsoever with colour management. Instead, it has to do with including items such as buttons and movie posters in the PDF.

If you need correct colours, the first thing to get right is to colour manage your workflow. And that means calibrating your screen(s) with a device such as a Spyder. Go from there. You did colour calibrate your screen(s), correct?

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Here is an example of Affinity and Adobe color settings.



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