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Where Affinity Photo need improvement

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There are a lot of good things about Affinity Photo but in some areas it falls behind Photoshop.  With a new version on the way, I hope some of these things were fixed.    Macro recording and playback really needs improvement and is too limited.

1) Document and canvas resize won't allow resizing by %

2) The Macro recording is quite poor compared to Photoshop scripts.  Can't copy/paste image layer (Macro will paste the same image copied during recording).

3) Can't record a fill layer with a selected color.

4) Can't record moving an adjustment layer to be a child of another layer.

5) No ability to pause/continue macro playback.  No ability to insert note instructions.

6) Can't record use of plugins with settings (Photoshop can).

7)  Once a step is recorded in a macro, it can't be deleted, just unchecked.  To shorten the macro, you must start over.

8) Selection visibility should be able to be turned off and on while still active.


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47 minutes ago, Artisan9 said:

1) Document and canvas resize won't allow resizing by %

Sure they do, you just have to write % yourself. But I have understood this does not work in macros.. (and yes, there are some things missing in the document size function)

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