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Api / Sdk access  

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  1. 1. Do you feel Affinity should allow user to produce plugins and features for their products

  2. 2. What do you think about a plugin store for Affinity Products

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Good day,

I will like to add this suggestion to the team of affinity developers. Can you guys give users access to an api or sdk so we can create plugins just for affinity. If this is made available to users, affinity will get more market ground at pull more creators, companies, freelance developers and school to the affinity products.

I teach in a American University of Nigeria, and am pulling my students from adobe to affinity.

Many have been asking for plugins and Ux related stuffs. I have ideas of plugins that will help UX designers to move to AD.

Please answer this request.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

@stokerg @admin @Adam

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Affinity Team have to learn from bigger players like Adobe. It is how Adobe resolve issue [Official script guide fro 2019 year]

Adobe make tree language to use: JavaScript, VBA and AppleScript. I wrote in my post here about REST API. My aproach is more universal and not limited to OS, programming language and platform. Affinity Team can use this aproach to share multisystem graphics to share and access programs fx. in LAN. It is only example. For people who don't know here is video with basic explanation what is REST API. I use Awasu news reader and it is inbuild REST API. Using call via link I can get fx. example Awasu to front of anothers applications, update things and get data.

For some automatication using only calls from file user can control Affinity applications in matter:

url one

url two


url n





On Windows add this tree lines with word 'start' before them in notepad to new file, save as macro_affinitydesigner.cmd and in style:

start localhost:8000/ad/open?file="logo.afdesigner"

start localhost:8000/ad/draw/rectangle?height=200&width=300&posX=23&posy=100

start localhost:8000/ad/export/slices/all

you have working macro. In Affinity you can add this in fx. special "Macro" menu and Affinity application will be run from menu in the same way that you will click on them on desktop. In Photoshop is calling Actions as you can see on this example video. One the way for that is write in seperate windows API call which you can simply copy and paste. Using API you can add extra parameters like dimensions from variables. It is when it start difference.

Where is difference?

Macro system is based on specific commands / language and it is a Photoshop way. API REST is oriented on client - server. Client is what you use to open link and adjust parameters on them. Server is application with reaction on this fx. browse this forum and check how differences in links switch make post, show another subforum etc. It is the same, but in place showing part of Affinity forum you use menu / command inside Affinity application.


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I want to chip in regarding this topic.

I have written numerous stuff including an article of using Scribus as a semi Indesign Server replacement and that using Scribus CLI scripts (https://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Command_line_scripts). It's unbelievable how many mails I get from professors, companies, students... that are looking for these kind of solutions.  Like how people want to have Adobe alternatives, they also want to have automation alternatives.... Scribus does work in this regards but its not as good and user friendly as the affinity Products.

Another example I want to give is how I worked for a big Belgian ecommerce site that painstakingly by hand needed to modify product pictures. I automated the whole thing using Adobe Scripting and saved the company thousands of euros. And while Affinity Designer for the graphical tasks is certainly a replacement that they could use, if they made the switch they would again manually by hand modifying the product pictures... Really don't underestimate how important this feature can be for some companies.  

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