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Suspected bug when working in "persona pixels" with photos

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Hello to everyone. I'm working on a project where I need to contour some images. I use the eraser inside "persona pixel" but the image is not erased according to the type of eraser and brush used but it is erased presenting only big squares. If I open the same image on a new project, empty, then the operation is done correctly. The problem always occurs if there are other elements in the same project/page. If the same image is alone then all is ok.
Another strange behaviour is this: if the work on the image I want to contour starts working on a new project and then I bring this image on the existing project (so with the other elements present) then I have no problem...

OSX 10.13.6
OSX 10.13.4


with block.png


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Hi GT70,

It looks as though your image isn't on an ArtBoard as the pixel persona is raster when you use the Eraser tool the image is rasterised however as it is off an ArtBoard it is rasterised to be empty space. The Square erase you are seeing seems to be a redraw issue, If you go into Affinity Designer > Preferences > Performance what is the renderer dropdown set to?



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Hi Callum,

thank you for feedback. In fact if I marry the image within the a new artboard in the project the problem seems to disappear...if that were the motivation I could get around the problem by going to create another art board and work there on the images.

I'll enclose the settings of the final preferences.

Schermata 2018-10-23 alle 10.43.14.png

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