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Import multiple pictures at once from dropbox/icloud into gallery

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I'd like to be able to select multiple images and import them at once from dropbox/icloud.
Right now I can select several, but it will just import them into some hidden place, making it hard to keep track on which is the next picture I need to import (as it won't have the download icon on the top left corner of the image)

And I'd like to be able to import them into a folder without having to open them up and save them in Affinity photo (preferably in the background so that I can continue working).

My workflow is after a shoot going over the pictures and doing the main adjustment inside Capture One, then export the ones that need retouching into an dropbox import folder.
After that Import them into Affinity Photo on my iPad, this part is painfully inefficient as I need to Import from Cloud, pick a photo, wait for it to load into the app, exit into the gallery view, wait for it to do some further processing (otherwise it might fail once I try to import the next), and repeat this procedure for each picture.


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I just did a quick test from Dropbox, and used the IOS files multi file select method to bring multiple photos into Affinity Photo in one operation. Note I am using IOS 12.1 beta.

Affinity Photo 1.7, Designer 1.7, Publisher 1.7 on MACOS Catalina Beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7 on iPad Pro 9.7" iPadOS 13 beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 on Windows 10




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