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speed compared with Photoshop

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Does anyone else have issues with the speed of Affinity Photo. My desktop with i5 chip, 8gb ram & Nividia graphics [1gb dedicated ram] hardly ever keeps me waiting in Photoshop. Affinity Photo is frustratingly slow.    24mp RAW file takes over 10 seconds to load.  Develop mode takes almost as long to complete, & flattening the image from 5-10 layers takes several seconds, which is virtually instantaneous in PS.  This makes it a frustrating experience! In addition, if you use any of the tools, as soon as you release the mouse, it processes your action [ slowly!]. This means, for example, if you use the selection brush & want to select a second area, you have to wait while it processes the first area.  Sorry, but for a program which has received so much advertising hype, this just doesn't cut it.

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Hi cadwr,

Slowness of the app comes up a lot here on the Forums, esp when working with RAW files and is something the Dev team aim to improve.  While in Develop, when you move a slider, Affinity is having to translate that information from the RAW camera data, along with all the other sliders to present an image to the screen, sadly that isn't going to be instant.

My PC isn't half as powerful as your PC and i've been able to use the selection brush without issue and the other tools, can you let me know the size of image you are working on and the size of the selection brush when you are using it.


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