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Making changes in Photo vs. Tone Mapping/Develop persona?

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When I look at the different personas (Develop/Tone Mapping/Develop), I see that many of the same features are available or can be achieved using all three. 

Can someone explain to me why I would want to use, let's say, the Tone Mapping persona for saturation/blackpoint/shadows/highlights instead of the Develop persona? 

I have an HDR merge that I'm working on, for example, and wondering if it's better to make the destructive changes in the tone mapping persona vs. the non-destructive changes in the Photo persona. 

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Hi Callum, 

Thanks for the link!

Does that mean that when opening a RAW file, even if I make no changes in the Develop persona, Affinity photo is applying some kind of compression when I hit the Apply button? Just curious

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