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No Margins command in Document menu

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I am well aware that I can set Margins when I created a new document and then change Margins after the fact by digging down into the Master page "Spread Properties."  But is there a good reason why there is no conveniently accessible "Margins" command in the Document menu? That menu would be the most logical and intuitive place to find it.  InDesign has "Margins and Columns..." in their Layout men, so anyone can easily find it without brainstorming or reading a manual, and I would argue a menu command is faster to access than (1) finding the Master, (2) right-clicking on the Master, (3) and then Choosing "Spread Properties."


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30 minutes ago, JDW said:

there is no conveniently accessible "Margins" command in the Document menu?

Well, you can right click on the page's thumb and select Spread Properties.
You don't need to go to the master spread to change the margins there.

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Yes, and in addition to a right-click on the page's thumb, you can click on File and choose "Spread Setup" and then click on the "Margins" tab.  I was merely thinking that it might have been more intuitive if Margins could have been found in the Documents menu.  Even placing a command like "Spread and Margins" in the Documents menu might be easier to find for some.  I am just looking at this from the perspective of those who may be familiar with InDesign.  A lot of people are moving to Serif apps so as to ditch the Adobe subscription ball-and-chain, so it might be an easier transition for them if some things are similar.

But so long as most people can figure it out, that's what matters most.

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