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Overprint issue

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Hello everyone hope we are all good and excited about the final companion of the affinity suits.

Anyway. I think I've spotted a bug on the overprint. I have a CMYK file.

The background is made of a rectangle with all CYMK value. 

Text it's pure CYAN. so 100,0,0,0

Due to this, my text should be cut out on the background when exporting the PDF, but when I'm exporting the PDF the text it's not. Actually, I can see the text on all 4 plates (I'm using Acrobat PRO print production features to check it)

Hope to help.

Also. Is it on the plan a separation view option/palette? This will be such a great addition.



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No it shouldn’t.

  • If your background is „a rectangle with all CMYK value“, as you say, and in front a 100 c element you have 2 color values:
  • black: 100, 100, 100, 100
  • cyan: 100, 0, 0, 0; the underlying M, Y and K values are „knocked out".
  • If you create a cyan color, apply it to the text and set this cyan to „overprint“ (by using the right click menu) you see – well – nothing at all in the PDF. And that is absolutely correct, because the underlying black already has 100 cyan too. (No screenshot, because it would be simply black.)

If you don’t find these values, you have an issue with color definitions in Publisher or a color profile problem.

You are correct in one point: Publisher doesn’t select the correct color in the swatches panel, when an according element is selected.

I attached a corresponding .afpub and .pdf.





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Could somebody please explain, what doesn’t work correctly?

I tried to reproduce the op’s issue with no success, as you see in my post above.

Edit: The overprint feature seems to work erratically. Now I was able to repo the issue. My sample above works correctly

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Hi Mac. so what doesn't work is the overprint/not overprint feature.

So this is how should it be when you have an overprint element. In this case made in InDesign I have a 100% CYAN overprint text on a 100% Black (no magenta or yellow in both elements).

What do you get in return in a PDF are two plates without any sort of cut out of the CYAN text because is overprinted on the black.


At the moment when you do exatcly the same thing in Publisher you have in retourn this:


As you can see from the percentage it doesn't give you what you expect. 


As you can see the word has been cut out.

That's it. This is the problem but it's ok we are in beta and is the moment to see, say it, sort them :)



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