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Corner tool & dpi change

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I am coming around a problem with the corner tool:
As soon as i change the dpi in the document setup all the corners i build with the help of the corner tool resize.
If i double the dpi, the corner halfs in size and the other way around.

Is that a feature and i am just doing it wrong?^^
Or is that a bug?
I couldnĀ“t find any other reports on that problem.
If i bake the corners everything is fine.

Sometimes i do that to give a customer the designs very fast in a different resolution.
Or is there any other way to just change the resolution of all Artboards similar fast?





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Hi Gmit,

Unfortunately the Corner tool doesn't yet have the ability to scale the corners when the object is resized (which is what is happening when you're changing the DPI). However this has been raised with development, so I shall get it bumped with them.

In the meantime the only workaround unfortunately is to bake the corners.

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