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Kem McNair

Grid does not match page size

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When i set up a new document in designer iPad , no matter what size , the grid is always smaller by almost a third. than the page size. how do you get the page size and the grid size to be the same. Also can you set a master page so you don't have to set up a new page every time with the same settings that i always use?

12.9 Ipad Pro running IOS 12 and affinity Designer

Here is the Page as it looks when the grid is turned on . Adjusting the spacing only makes the squares smaller or larger but doesn't make the grid any bigger on the page. The page size is set for the iPad pro 12.9" and set to inches. I can't seem to find a way to adjust the grid size to fit the page. See Image screen shot of the problem.


I just discovered It displays like this in landscape mode but if you rotate it to portrait it fits the screen until you zoom with 2 fingers and then it reverts back to not fitting the screen. and if you just rotate it from portrait while the grid is displaying correctly to landscape it reverts back to the grid not fitting the page again.  it also does some weird stuff when you zoom in and watch the blank page gap around the edge, the space around the edge of the page gets smaller , like the grid is trying to get bigger but never makes it all the way.. weird behavior for sure. And this is happening with any document new or old.

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Hi Kem McNair,

This is a known issue that is caused when you have Display Zoom set to Zoomed in the iPad's Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom. Unfortunately currently the only way to work around it is to set that option back to Standard.


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