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Problems with Swatches in 1.2

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I moved the Color,Swatches, Stroke, and Brushes panel to the left side of my screen.  And the earlier "disappearing swatches" problem returned.  With the panels on the right side, I can click back into Swatches from any other panel and the swatches all appear normally.  With those panels grouped on the left side, I have to click into Brushes and then back to Swatches before I get the full display. Resetting Studio, which puts everything back on the right side, corrects the problem.   Again, maybe a glitch in my system but it is repeatable.  I tried it several times to be sure.


This used to happen with the panels on the right side but was corrected in one of the betas.  Now it's back, in a different position.

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For what it's worth,  the same thing happens in Affinity Photo beta.  Swatches are fine with the panels on the right side; have to click Brushes first to get them to show back up when the panels are on the left side.

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