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[AD] Designer doesn't refresh interface issues

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There are several times the Designer interface isn't refreshing, although the values seems to been changed 'underwater':


When changing the name of a slice the filename(s) under that slice don't get refreshed in the interface. The filenames show their new names only if you do things like adding a new file. Then they pop to their new state.


Eventhough the 'Show Rotation Center' button is selected to always show rotation centers of objects, when switching to a new element Designer doesn't show the rotation center of the new selection in the viewport. In the viewport it's turned off, but it should be visible 'cause the button is still enabled. You have to toggle the 'Show Rotation Center' button twice to make it visible again everytime when you select another object.


When moving elements positions from artboard A to within the bounds of artboard B inside the viewport, the translated layers automatically got moved to the new artboard in the layerspanel. And obviously the coordinate-system for the element are being translated to the coordinate-system when it drops on artboard B. So the x an y positions of the element adjust to their new artboard-'parent'. But that's not visible in the interface; the interface still shows the coordinates as if artboard A is still a reference. So if artboard A is on the right of the screen and artboard B is on the left (so the element moves to the left to go to artboard B), suddenly the elements get a negative position, eventhough they are within the bounds of Artboard B and within the layergroup of artboard B. It looks like it is changed underwater, but the interface isn't updating, which is confusing. As a user you have to do things to make it update now, like clicking on a corner of the squared icon with corneranchors in the transform panel, just to refresh the values in the panel to their new coordinates.


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Hi Friksel,

Export Persona:
I can reproduce this when pressing 'Enter', or clicking off the box, so that the slice selection doesn't change. For example clicking on the document area will rename the slice, but clicking in the blue area of the selected slice will not change the name. Does this correspond with what you are seeing? I'll get this reported to development

Tool Dependent Options Bar
Can you do a recording showing this please? For me the option remains persistent

I've reproduced this and will get it reported to development.

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Hi @Sean P Thanks for your quick response.

Export Persona: Most of the time I use enter or click away from an input-box to confirm. When I use 'enter' to confirm I see the newe value is being confirmed by Designer, because the inputbox disappears and makes it a plain label again. But the filenames aren't changing in the UI. So what you say corresponds with what I am seeing.

Tool dependent options bar: I just wanted to record this, but I can't reproduce this here so far and I don't know which file I saw this in and when this happened. I'm working on a number of different projects at the moment. Sorry for this. If I see this happening again I try to make a recording. BTW this is not about the button changing, but the round indicator where the new rotation anchor is on the viewport. I've seen several times that although the button to show this center was still checked, by switching to another graphical element wasn't showing its center, so I had to toggle the button again twice to refresh that state.

Artboard: Great that you have seen this too. This is the most important one.


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