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Adam Wtrotek

Affinity Photo 'new view' got rotated 180 degree

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After using crop tool on 'main' view do cedrease width of the image
'new view' has been rotated upside down.
Whed edited, new view was updated accordingly taking into accout its rotation.

See animated git in attachment and saved Affinity Photo file.



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Hi Adam Wtrotek,

Do you still have the document prior to the crop? Is it reproducible using that document following the same steps as before?

If so could you do a screen recording showing that please and attach the file prior to the crop so we can try to reproduce! I've tried with the attached file, but unfortunately cannot reproduce it. The only thing I can think of is that you've used the Rotate Left/Right option on the View Menu which resizes the canvas (or have a keyboard shortcut set that does that).

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