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Being able to anchor the working document.

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Suggestion - On our MAC's, the default scroll (left and right, up and down) is very sensitive and fast. This often creates issues when selecting and using tools or utilising 'Right or Left click' for accessing secondary menus. It becomes terribly frustrating when the document on view continually scrolls off the screen when touching. the mouse to select another action. This is also an issue for me when using Affinity Designer and Photo. Would it perhaps be possible to reduce the sensitivity within the UI (scale 1 - 10 as an example) and/or provide a shortcut or other command that can be used to lock the document in the current position, so that one can work without chasing the page every time you touch your mouse. This could be a keyboard shortcut that toggles 'Lock - Unlock' so that you can quickly unlock the document, reposition the area you are working on and then re-lock it. Thank you.

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