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Designer Requests (split)

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It's a little much to split into different items and I also need my time to do my job, so I write them in one post. The list is definitely not all, but a lot of other things I posted on the forums already. It would be great if somebody would pick them up and fix em! Guess I'm hoping for a miracle.


  • Request: When setting a stroke-align on closed paths to inner or outer Designer automatically converts those strokes to outlines in the svg export. I understand why Designer does that, because that's the only way browsers can replicate what we see in the Designer GUI, but when using the svg for interactives (being used with svg), like morphing paths and stuff, this is unexpected and can cause confusion pretty quickly, because a path suddenly is different in the svg-output than inside Affinity Designer. I guess there's no way for Affinity to do that differently because of the compatibilty issues with browsers (and maybe other software), but it would be great if we could at least see somewhere in the interace that Affinity is automatically converting these borders into outlines during export. So a warning in the svg export-panel would be great. So the same type of warning we now get by Affinity when there happens to be rasterisation in the svg output (which is great information and very helpful).
  • Request: Not really a bug, but not very efficient: When exporting a simple line from point A to point B I would expect that to be exported to a <line> element in SVG.
    When working with javascript we need to be able to readout the starting point (x,y) and ending point (x,y) of the line a lot of times. That's the reason SVG has a <line> element and we decide to use that <line> element instead of a polygon or path. But Affinity exports the line to a path, which is much harder to read out and we have to write special code everytime we have to readout pathdata just to get the x- and y-values of the line-definion. Please, if there are only two anchor points and we draw a line, export that to <line> in svg! Especially when Affinity is set to Line-mode.
  • Request: Working with all kinds of different projects during the day we have to switch the svg output settings everytime, because these doesn't seem to be stored inside the file, but on an application level. It would be very helpful if we could store the output settings in the affinity file.


  • Request: Does the 'Continues' watcher really have to update after every single change in the file without the affinity file even being saved? That means a lot of triggers. Sometimes this is very usefull though. But I think a setting to be able to just trigger this refresh just on saving an affinity-file would make sense and would be great for must usecases I'd say and prevents some of above mentioned problems I think.
  • Request: Please make it possible to remove the slice containing the 'full' artboard (or the first one?). A lot of times we don't need it and would like it to be removed from the file.


  • Request: After placing an image it would be very helpful if we could swap the image by another image. As far as I can find that's not currently possible, so everytime we want a different image, we need to remove it and place a now image again. But I might be missing something here?


  • Request: The stroke settings for alignment are confusing: Left we don't find 'left align', but 'center align'. Followed by 'outer align' and then 'inner align'.
    Wouldn't it make more sense to have it in this order instead: 'outer', 'center', 'inner' ?


  • Request: Save the current selected swatches-group in the file!!
    Even if we are using document-swatches, everytime when we load a file we have to set the swatches panel to the document-embedded swatches again. That's really annoying when you have to do that all day, every day, while Affinity just knows you have document-swatches. It would be a lot more efficient if Affinity keeps track of the currently selected swatches (at least when we are using document swatches, because it makes sense we want to use them again after opening an existing file with document swatches in it).


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