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I am using Publisher to realize a project I began last year on another software platform which, tho decent, is not at the level of OS X and Affinity. I was very excited when a friend of mine told me about Publisher beta and said to myself, "...SAY, now!"

It's a collection of Autumn photos across 3 months: Sept - Dec taken nearly everyday, and the entire collection should give the feel of Autumn unfolding in slow motion.

There are 875 photos averaging 8MB each. Publisher file is now 1.92GB. I'm learning the software as I go, but I have about 25 years' experience with PageMaker, QuarkXPress and InDesign, so I have a sense of what I ought to be able to do.

So far no issues..not a squeak. All the tools I need, behaving the way I need them to. This is a beta..I'm sure the finished software will be great!

 2012 Mac Book Pro 12”, 8GB RAM, Mojave  |  2017 iPad Pro 12.9” 256GB, iOS 12.1.1

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