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Mac App Store vs Serif Download Purchase

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I purchase Affinity Designer back in June via the Mac App Store. I noticed an update to the product on your website that I did not have and could not find a way to "check for updates" through the app itself. So, I downloaded the updated application and when I ran it I had no product key to use. I visited my account on your site and couldn't find a product key although I purchased it. So I located my order through the app store and redownloaded it. Unfortunately I still can only start the app in a Trial mode. Did my purchase expire? very confused on with my license no longer works. The last working version I had was 1.6.2. Version 1.6.5 wants a product key. I managed to redownload it from the Mac app Store but only version 1.6.1. Why isn't the latest version available to me? Is it because I used the App Store?

My receipts from Apple show I have paid for this product.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.41.24 PM.png

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We have released an update for the Mac version bought via our website but this update only impacted the installer. This update was therefore not offered through the Mac Store due to the different installation method Apple uses.

If you bought from Apple this update will not apply to your version, you will be notified automatically through the program when a relevant update is available to you.


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Thank you.

When able to purchase Affinity Publisher I will definitely buy  through you direct instead of the App Store. I'm sure it will put more $$ in your pocket too for the awesome job you guys are doing on all your products. Keep it up!

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