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ATTN: Affinity Illustrators! Can I get your feedback on these brushes?

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Hey everyone,

I am working on converting our Adobe compatible products from RetroSupply Co. into Affinity compatible products. I am just now understanding that the vector brushes do not work in the same way that vector brushes do in Illustrator. I see that the native vector Affinity brushes are just raster images that follow a vector path. 

What I need help deciding is if our Adobe Illustrator brushes will be usable (and desired) in Affinity or if we should scrap the vector looking brushes and just make them with raster images. 

I could really use the help of some of you who illustrate with Affinity every day! Your input would be really valuable.

I've attached a beta version of InkWash- our vector water color brushes. You will see some of them are named "InkWash Vector #" and others are named "InkWash Raster #". Which do you prefer the look of? Vector or Raster? You will see that the "vector" titled ones have a more traditional vector look (as they are coming from Adobe Illustrator). I am trying to decide just converting what we have is sufficient or if we should remake the textures as raster before making them into Affinity vector brushes.

I really appreciate any input!

Thank you!



InkWash Beta by RetroSupply.afbrushes

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Hi Suzanne

Thank you for the sample brushes....I was impressed on how smooth they are. and I am sure it's going to be an impressive addition to available commercial resources.

Personally I prefer the raster versions. 

I had a play around with the brushes. nice!...but I have a couple of queries/suggestions which may help

a. Size was an issue for me (7.5mb file) for 9 brushes!...They are large 'images' with a setting of 4000px brush length...When I initially started to look at producing vector based brushes for AD ... also used large files...but found you can get the same effect with a much smaller file size...Currently using 1000px x xxheight (image dependent) but also save as 0.50x in export persona to save a smaller version to see if can reduce it further.

b. I like the effects you can achieve with inkwash vector 05 and inkwash raster 02 but noticed size and opacity has not been manipulated in the brush dynamics.

This is just my preference but... tend to set a high opacity 40-65% and associate it with pressure... (so can be changed in context menu)...adds a bit of variety to the brush stroke....With the current settings for the sample brushes...If you turn on pressure on the brush context menu their is no opacity change and the brush becomes 'thinner'

c. Greater variation of initial size would be an advantage (but I am sure that's just a reflection of the sample set)

APh & AD + Beta AD | APh + Beta AP
APu Beta

OS:Windows 10 Pro 1803 OS Build 17134.345
Rig:AMD FX 8350 and AMD Radeon (R9 380 Series) Settings Version 18.10.2 (Adrenalin, 
Radeon Settings Version
2018.0516.1451.24901) + Wacom Intuous 4M with driver 6.3.31-4



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