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Hello, and sorry if the question have been asked before, but I would like to know if there is a function that would select automatically the "similar objects" according to stroke colour, fill colour, and other parameters.

I used this function before in illustrator (Unfortunately, I no longer have it to check) and it was very useful, particularly when you have tones of layers.

One of the top reason I may use it is when I am trying to select die-cuts marks on small objects (think small stickers scattered on a big sheet of paper and needed to be cut with let's a say a plotter)

We use the same artwork to print the packaging and in that case, I need to get rid of the die-cut marks (they are all with the same stroke colour). The way I was doing in Illustrator was to select one die cut and "auto-select" all the others based on the reference selected stroke colour.


If it doesn't exist yet, I'd raise my voice for a feature request :)



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6 hours ago, midiankai said:

this has been discussed for more than half a year


1 hour ago, Fixx said:

no, from 2014... 

2014 was more than half a year ago, wasn’t it? :P

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Hey fellows,

I'd like to agree here. This function would be great to edit existing files with many individual elements that look
the same but are separated and would otherwise have to be selected individually.

A small workaround to at least change colours universally could be to use the function of global colour swatches
however this would only work if you started building the document from scratch.

Therefore I would also be happy if this feature would be implemented sometime. :10_wink:


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Select similar is essential when supplied complex plans that haven't been organised into relevant layers - otherwise it can be a nightmare selecting things.

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Select same by colour fill, line colour, lineweight, etc...  This is a very BASIC function!  Its not even a feature.

This was requested in 2014 and still not implemented?!  Are you kidding?

Basic productivity and workflow is important to any professional.  Simple software that does simple things well.

Come on Affinity - you have had 4 years already!

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Surely it would take less than a day to write the 'select by same' script?

Affinity I've already paid you my cash in good faith that your program works well.  Now I realise it doesn't even do the basics properly.

I'm wondering if Affinity plans on implementing this or not?  And by when? I will make back the monthly adobe subscription fee in the productivity gain in just ONE simple function. This lack of functionality makes the Affinity product slow & redundant - and uncompetitive compared to the market leader.

Has anyone from Admin / development got a reply?  If not I might as well ask for refund, as the product is slow & uncompetitive.  I can't use it.

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