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Stroke mitre join misbehaving

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In the attached document, I find that the corners can't decide whether or not to appear square; adjusting stroke width causes flickering between the two states.  Also there are discrepancies sometimes between what appears in the main canvas, the layer thumbnails, and export.

If I adjust the mitre limit from the default 1.41 (even manually setting to 1.41), then the bug disappears (presumably the default is actually sqrt(2) and there's some floating point related issue at play).  I couldn't reproduce the behaviour in a fresh document.


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Hi @ptodd ,

Where did that object come from? It looks like it does not have a "join" option set, hence the glitch. If you manually set it, it's all fine. 



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Hi @GabrielM,

I'm attaching a version with the edit history so you can maybe glean a bit more from that.  A certain amount of fudging to get to that point as you can see... 

The object was created with the rectangle tool, initially with a default rounded join and it was only after I set that differently that the glitch appeared.  Indeed, applying a different join option and then setting it back causes the glitch to return, although setting mitre limit does seem to reliably stop it.




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