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Request Auto create pages when adding images to a frame using a master page as a template

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1) I would like to be able to Place multiple images with 'Picture Frame' on multiple pages and indicate how many on each page. I guess I can do this with a master page with Picture Frames pre-set but would still have to add each image manually and pre-create pages, unless there is a way to auto add multiple images? i.e. If i have 10 images and want 2 per page (using a master page with 2 frames), I would like to auto add 4 extra pages by drag & drop multiple selected images by dropping  in 1st Frame on 1st page. Each new page would adopt the selected master page. With say a text frame under each image on the master page it would be easy to then add the image description or text as required.

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I am certain this is not possible, and I can't see how this would be implemented without causing many other unintended problems. But I would be happy to be proven wrong.

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I'm sure this can't be done automatically but you could create a master page with 2 rectangles and 2 text boxes. Apply this master to all created pages. On a particular page, from the layers panel use the Symbols panel to detach the 2 boxes and text frames which can then be used to put stuff in. You'd need to place the photos and drag the layer onto the rectangle to crop it. The items on the page are no longer linked to the master page so you'd need to make sure the master was correct before you started detaching it.



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