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I have a book that I want to layout. It has the usual beginning pages that include a TOC. Then I have three sections, each with over a dozen short chapters. The end has a glossary, etc.

I am thinking of doing three separate AP files and using the Section feature for each chapter. After outputting the final PDFs, I would have to merge them for the printer.

I have used Scrivener to write the book and would probably make changes there and then copy the text to AP. In AP I will add a few images which can't, of course, be anchored to the text flow yet. 

So I am wondering if this is a good approach, given that it is necessary in the first version of AP to do text flow and image placement within the text manually. Is there a better way?

I have done several chapters with images to work out a template, design and other aspects. 

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I am translating a text book into English and decided to use AP. It is big, 320 pages with lots of graphics etc and all in one section. If you output as pdf's almost any program will merge them I think. For me,  so far so good. A few bugs to sort out but in the main it works perfectly. I have printed test pages from pdf output, again fine. On bug is the import of text. I can't figure out where it gets its setting from. sometimes the import (all from Word) put superscript ordinals in, sometimes not, sometimes coloured, sometimes not. Of course all fixable when applying a style. I haven't looked at section breaks and other features as I want to go slowly, adding to my knowledge bit by bit but overall, this program is excellent.

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