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Included ICC profile in PDF export and file size

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I'm trying to make an PDF export preset in Publisher as similar as possible to an InDesign export preset I have. It's just an export for keeping low file size but reasonably good image quality that I can send to my clients for visual proofing. The problem is that the file size increases by over 1.3 mB when including the sRGB profile when exporting from Publisher whilst exporting from InDesign gives me an increase of just 2 kB. Why is that?

Is there something I can do to keep the file size down but also include the profile? Or is there something you can change in the application to make it more like the InDesign export?



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The sRGB profile itself is about 2.5k. Is this a CMYK document being exported as an RGB PDF? It looks like the document's CMYK profile gets included then even if it isn't needed. I've logged this to be looked at.

As a workaround it may help to change the document format to sRGB, export, then undo.

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