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Space Drag Pan fails in Develop Persona

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In Develop Persona, SPACE DRAG PAN FAILS in Zoom mode.

1. Click Magnifer button (to be in Zoom mode). Tip says "Click to zoom in" (etc).

2. Hold SPACE BAR. Tip says "Drag To Pan view. Ctrl to enter Zoom mode."

3. Press the left mouse button to start drag (while still holding SPACE). Tip changes to "Click to zoom in" (etc) and the mouse does a Zoom.

In Photo Persona, SPACE DRAG PAN works as expected in Zoom mode.

In both Liquify Persona and Tone Mapping Persona, SPACE DRAG PAN doesn't work at all, but at least there is no SPACE Tip saying it will work.

So... Develop Persona needs the Tip removed to be consistent with Liquify and Tone (ie, no SPACE DRAG PAN allowed) or the drag needs to be implemented to be consistent with the Tip.

Better yet, all 4 Persona should implement SPACE DRAG PAN for consistency throughout the user interface.

This is in Affinity Photo

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