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Am trying to learn and achieve a logo copy by drawing curves and am running into issues.

1. Is there a better way to achieve this logo trace ? the figure 1 is what am trying to achieve and have drawn curves to match the underlying drawing. I propose to subtract curves from the underlying light grey circle to get solid bodies.

2.  When I go and expand the stroke to add/combine the curves for subtraction - I get the figure 2 issue with uneven boundaries. Can someone help me with combining the curves or show a better way to achieve the result ?



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Think I've got it.


  1. Make a circle and duplicate it twice (so now you should have 3 circles) These are for boolean work one is to be able to keep everything centred.
  2. Created an oval ellipse that roughly matched the longer curved edge of the green shape, this turns out to be approximately 18º off vertical. Now we have most of the pieces to make the "claw" shapes.
  3. I selected a Circle and the Oval and Boolean subtracted the Oval from the Circle, you should be left with something that looks like this...
  4. Make sure the Rotation centre is aligned to the circle underneath, you'll find its slightly off so reposition it.
  5. Duplicate the shape and rotate it 120º You should have something like this
  6. While the shape is still selected, go to the Node Tool (A) and delete the node shown in the image below
  7. It should now look like this
  8. Boolean subtract the green shape from the grey shape, you might have a few rogue nodes just highlight them and delete them.
  9. Select the Move Tool (V) reposition the shape rotation centre to match the centre of the circle, duplicate the shape and rotate 120º Press cmd + J  (Ctrl + J on windows to create the third shape)
  10. Now select All three shapes, add a white stroke centre aligned and colour the three shapes to suit.

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Reglico - great link by the way.

Using the video link - I got to



Close but not quite


firstdefence - Looks like you're mighty close - Wow - thanks - just wondering if we can get the curvature like the pic below - the ref 




Really loving the support :)


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Hey, moksha,

Here's my entirely crude hand drawn approximation. Was messing around trying to figure out the original image geometry, and got frustrated. Figured I could do it faster and near good enough by hand. File saved w. history, but the history is incomplete. Hope it helps.


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Maybe something like this?


here's a file for you to look at


I guess the problem with it is that you want to do it geometrically, but the reference image isn't. To get those type of curves and squished ellipse shape I say you have to do the curves by eye.

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Yup pretty much. You can do it with geometry, but I think you’ll get a more exact copy with pen. Depending on the intention of the designer, perfect circles are usually optically adjusted and slightly squished like in the reference image you linked or like the O’s in geometric fonts.

Either way all options mentioned here are good for learning some of AD’s tools.

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26 minutes ago, JimmyJack said:

@moksha I think the guys are onto a good process! I just think the geometry needed is something more like a tear drop :57_cry:... :D.


Thanks Jimmy Jack - Yea I had tried with Tear drop yesterday but was struggling with the process - With the replies today, however - looks like am going to succeed :)

Thanks again for the support and guidance !

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Not really what the OP is looking for, but just for giggles, I created a partially hand drawn Symbols swirl.afdesign version using three instances of a shape originally made from a 120° donut shape. Editing the shape of any of the curve instances changes all of them, creating some interesting & always geometric patterns.

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