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I have read and understand the various threads on why directly importing .ppp files won't happen, and I have tried the workaround of exporting from PP as PDF and importing to AP.  This seems to work reasonably to get the documents into AP, but it loses all the information I would want to continue working on that document in AP, in particular styles and master pages.

I have spent a lot of time setting these up for PP.  Is there any way I can save redoing all this in AP?

Apologies if it has already been answered in a previous post, but I couldn't find it on searching.



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Pasting does bring along the styles--all the styles even from text not selected--from a PP publication. Copying elements, say like form a master page in PP also come across as like elements.

My computer is a nothing-special Toshiba laptop with unremarkable specs running Windows 10 64-bit.

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