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I did read that y'all don't have in mind make a animation software, but I really would like that y'all make one, there a lot of peoples that would like that Affinity make a animation software.

I'm willing to pay for it.

I would like that in the future y'all expand the software area to something like following:

- Animation Software.

- Video Editor Software.

- 3D software.

- IDE for web programming or even desktop application (Using affinity designer for the GUI and pass the design to the IDE and continue working with it).

I would like please put some of those in your plans, y'all can open a donation web site and get founds for make this projects.

Let us know.

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Video and 3D, I don't think so.

There are so many solid programs already out there...

But for animation, we only have Toon Boom and it isn't a replacement for Adobe Flash/Animate.

An animator as alternative for Adobe Flash would be so good, and even more with the compatibility we know Affinity for. File > Send to > Affinity Animator


Another alternative, instead of creating a whole program for animation, would be incorporating a timeline and playback controls to Affinity Designer, the same way Photoshop added a GIF and Layer animation interface.

*Crossing fingers*


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