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Integration Zeplin.io, Sympli.io, Avocode or another solution?

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For more than 3 years, issues of integration with these services have been regularly opened. Do you have any news on this?
Maybe there will be an app from Affinity (Affinity Viewer) or another solution?
Work without these tools has impossible. We can't work with many frontend developers (


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If you read this post, vote here please:

I love Affinity Designer and Photo - this is amazing tools. Integration for AD - is the only thing that is missing.
Correct  export to PSD (text layer) - is alternative to integration. But it's not as good as integration.

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I liked Affinity designer. Unfortunately, outputting files is bad for developers. Integration for Avocode, Zeplin ... not = bad for web designers. I have to go back to Photoshop.

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