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macOS document icons and type names

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I'm posting this again since the old post seems to have been migrated to a locked section and can't be replied to, while the issue has been raised by multiple users (see below) from 2014 and onwards. 

A simple request: An application as mature as Affinity designer should have proper document icons and have finder/macOS document types set up correctly.

Currently Affinity Designer (1.6.1) has three document types, with none of them having document icons:

- "Affinity Designer Documents" (.afdesign), these currently use the application icon, which looks very out of place and is a little confusing. Please add a proper document icon for these files.

- "Affinity Brushes" (.afbrushes), these have no icons so they get a generic blank system document icon (at least better than the application icon).

- "Affinity Openable", (all supported formats, like .svg .jpg .pdf etc), these also have no icons so they get a generic blank system document icon. Also these should get proper names that reflect the actual file type, like "Affinity SVG" etc, as "Openable" isn't really a file type and is a little confusing as it's shown in finder as the file type if you assign for example SVGs to be opened by Affinity.

This seems like such a simple thing to fix, and such a basic thing for a document based application I wonder why it hasn't been done already? Is it intentional?


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