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Bob Grahame

Typing tabs caused my Toolbar and Studios to disappear

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I am having trouble getting the Text Ruler to show, so I typed a couple of extra tabs to move the type for the time being. Suddenly, the Toolbar, Studios, etc. all disappeared. Then the graphic behind the text box I was editing disappeared. I may have accidentally clicked in the graphic (a Designer file) which may have caused the text in the graphic to overflow the text box. But, that was after the top and side panels disappeared.

Command-z brought the graphic back and Reset Studio got every back in view. I was not unable to replicate these issues, however, I just tried again and the Studios, etc. disappeared again. Typing a tab seems to sometimes mean Hide Studio because that is what get a check mark.

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Hi Bob Grahame,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Sorry the delay getting back to you. We have been quite busy since Publisher's Beta release and are still catching up. Regarding what happened I believe you may have somehow accidentally deselected the text box triggering the Hide Studio command when you pressed the ⇥ (tab) one of the times. If you have a text frame selected but the caret isn't inside the text frame (editing mode) the Tab key will still hide the studio's panels - that's expected. In editing mode (with the caret inside text frame) the tab key works as you would expect adding tabs. This seems to be working as intended/designed for me in the current Beta (v1.7.0.133). If you are able reproduce this issue in text editing mode (with the caret inside the text frame) please let us know.

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