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PDF import - 3 issues

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I have imported a 44 pages PDF X/3 document in 1.7.133.
This document has already been successfully generated by Foxit Phantom Pro.
It was a combination of Scribus 1.5.4 PDFX/3 files and .docx imports.
The whole document was printed  in Germany and went without a remark through the pre-print analysis of the printing company.
Prints are perfect.

The page shown in attachment was a .docx file imported in Foxit.

1) Publisher Import:

Issue 1: Compared to an Acrobat Reader view, I notice that the text is not properly "Left justifed" anymore. 
See the jpg in attachment, name ending with  "...start.jpg", there is a blank on the left of "333"  Acrobat and prints show all end lines perfectly justified.

Issue 2: the text frame was centered in the original document.
Affinity shows a wider blue frame correct on the left side, but on the right side there is like a blank character that was added at the end of each line


2) I have just changed the "line space" of 9pt to "Exactly" and 150%, i.e.13.5 pt

Underlined texts are not managed properly.  The text "www.tramania.com" of the next paragraph "loses" its underline.

This underline line stays at its original position and pollutes the previous paragraph that was modified.
I did not find a way to delete this line

Note: Everything is default. No special styles, etc First file loaded with a fresh 1.7.133 install

Regards, Philippe

Publisher 1 7 133 pdf import bug.jpg

Publisher 1 7 133 pdf import bug start.jpg

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I would like to add that the same issues show up if you use Word to convert the .docx file straight into a pdf.

So it looks like the import of a converted .docx file into PDF is not the right work around to compensate  the lack of a decent .docx import in Publisher

Regards, Philippe

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