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While AP is open  one can drag the folders app from the bottom tray and drop the icon on to the open AP. The files folder opens either on the leftmost or rightmost 

side overlapping AP and covering part of AP’S UI. Many of us use images within the files folder app as reference material and want to have both the files folder as well as AP open at the same time.

For  anyone using AP and wanting to  make a video of the creative process as a tutorial ( using the default video recorder that comes with the IOS, ) this overlapping by the files folder, hiding part of the AP’s  UI  defeats ,undermines the purpose of the instructional video because part of the UI is hidden.

The Procreate app has a simple solution where  Procreate and the files folder can be nested side by side or  floated on top.  This nesting side by side allows for a complete view of  Procreate’s UI .

If AP were to have this nesting option then there would be no restrictions to making videos about this great app Affinity Photo.

Also, perhaps Serif would consider building into the AP app a time lapse recorder which would by default, record the creative process as it develops with the AP app. ( like Procreate)

Image 1   AP’s UI

Image 2. Procreate ‘s UI


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